Today in class we talked about color and composition. It was a lot of information that I already knew. But it was interesting, and our discussions gave me some ideas. While we were listening to Greg, I drew the stack of props and supplies piled on the file cabinets in our classroom at the museum. The stamp was borrowed from one of the other ladies in my class…but I can’t remember who. Our assignment is to draw something from our past…from memory. I always feel that it is such a challenge to draw from memory, because you have to see your subject in your mind and understand the composition, the colors, the details in your mind before you see it on paper. I don’t feel I have ever been very good at that…I remember when I read “The Gift of Asher Lev” in college I was amazed at the way the character, Asher, could draw from memory…and how his teacher taught him to do it. I think it is a discipline you have to develop within and then practice it over and over…maybe then it would come more natural to draw from what you remember.

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