Daffy days

You’ve gotta wonder why you have some things…like this crazy daffy duck mug. It’s one of Savannah’s favorites. We probably picked it up at a garage sale or something. I was looking around for something interesting to draw and came to find this sitting next to a stack of dirty dishes that Jasmin had neatly left on the counter for me. I used my artistic license to leave the crusted-on food out of my drawing. I love Daffy’s expression – because some days I feel just like he looks!

After spending a half hour looking through Danny Gregory’s published online journal pages, I feel inspired. There is so much to draw and to record about ordinary things that happen everyday. Even crazy mugs full of dirty spoons can be a fun subject to draw and can express something about my state of mind. I love the title of his journal, “Everyday Matters.” Because everyday does matter. I have good days and great days and horrible days just like everyone else. But it reminds me that no day is a waste. Even when everything seems to go wrong, I should be looking for the good things that happen and for where God is working around me.

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