Flowers from our yard

Today was wonderful because I got to sleep in until 9:00. When I heard Max talking I went in to get him and Grace and Max were in Savannah’s bed and Grace was reading them a story. It was so cute. After lunch, once the boys were down for naps, the girls and I went out to pick flowers in the yard. It smells so good over by the rose bush and the peonies are starting to bloom. It was so beautiful. So tonight after the kids had their baths and went to sleep, I got out my favorite pen and drew a picture of them to capture their beauty. And since I had the time, I decided to excavate my watercolors from the basement and add a little color to my drawing, which I rarely have time to do. Anyway, it’s late…the Memorial Day fireworks just ended and it’s all quiet in our house, except for the sound of our dryer tossing around the clothes. So I am off to bed.

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