Memorial Day

This morning we woke up and mom cooked the Blueberry stuffed French Toast she had prepared last night. It was very tasty. At noon we left for the Memorial Day parade in Spring Arbor. Holly and the girls (our next door neighbors) went along with us and we met Nate and Cyndi and their kids there. The girls went down the big slide about 5 times, got their face painted and acquired a kazoo and a yoyo from somebody who was passing out treats to the kids. We all sat together on the side of M-60 and watched the parade, miniature flags waving in our hands, the kids desperately hoping for some candy to be thrown to them. It was great fun and the rain held off all the rest of the day. When we got back we grilled steaks, burgers and hotdogs and had a big dinner with the family and Holly and her kids. It’s been a long day…the kids went right to sleep…and I even got both mine and Holly’s lawns mowed before it got dark! (Holly doesn’t have a working lawn mower yet).

This is a drawing of my mom that I did before she left for home tonight.

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