A lovely shade of PINK!

I didn’t do a page yesterday because I had THE WORST day. I woke up coughing and could hardly talk…which is particularly a problem when you are a teacher. We had slept with the windows open all night. So when school was over, I went straight home and curled up on the couch under two blankets while Savannah and Max played…I dozed in and out of sleep. Karson had laid down for a nap right before I got home and I was so relieved to have the chance to rest a little before dealing with him. Sam brought home pizza which was the highlight of my day…because I didn’t have to worry about getting dinner around for everyone. Later that evening I tried washing some of the tie-dyed shirts my first graders made last week…when I went to get them out of the washing machine they were a lovely shade of PINK! I got the recipe AND directions from the FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE website…I am very upset that it didn’t work when I know I followed the directions given exactly…well, as you can imagine I was just sick and wanted to and then did cry…I called the other teacher who had taken her class’s shirts home to do herself and told her what had happened and how sorry I was…She said not to worry and that they could just paint them or something. So I ended up calling Cyndi to see if I could borrow her letter stamps and some other animal ones that she had, and today the kids did wonderful painting on their shirts with their name and cute little animals is all sorts of bright colors. I think they will look great for their fieldtrip tomorrow and I don’t even think the boys minded that they had pink shirts.

Tonight I went to Michaels and bought a waterbrush…I had heard of them and wanted to try it. I thought it would be good if I was out sketching and didn’t have access to water. I like how it works, but it will definitely take some getting use to because it has a different feel compared to using a paintbrush and a jar of water. I also bought a cheap set of PRANG watercolors and a set of drawing pens which I tried out below…

These shoes have been sitting near our back door for nearly two months now. Neither of us knows whose they are or how they were left here. We have asked all our friends who stop by and no one claims them…but that doesn’t surprise me because they are old and dirty and obviously well worn because they are covered with holes…even on the inside! They are men’s and a size 7. Oh! you know, they might be my dad’s shoes. HE would own a pair of shoes like this…old and worn beyond what they should be. I’ll bet they are his work shoes…he would keep work clothes around until they had more holes than not. He doesn’t ever throw things out. He wears clothes till they start to fall apart. Dad…I hope that since these shoes are at my house, that you’ve forgotten them and bought yourself a new pair because you definitely deserve them…I hope you never wore them for anything besides mowing your lawn and working in your yard…where nobody can see them. By the way…I haven’t thrown them out, but would be glad to if you don’t want them anymore.

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