Max’s circus surprise

This afternoon, Penny (Sam’s mom) came to see us and spend some time with the kids. She brought them each a little surprise. She brought us groceries and made us dinner. When I walked in the door from work, she was making cookies with Savannah. It was a lovely time with her. I am so glad she could come because it seems like we don’t often get together anymore. The kids loved seeing her and spending time with her and the effort that she took to buy us food and fix us dinner was so unexpected…but so appreciated by me and Sam.

So I tried out my waterbrush tonight. It wasn’t quite as hard to use as I thought it might be. I actually kind of enjoyed painting with it. And I had fun with the subject matter I chose (or should I say, which was suggested to me). This was Max’s surprise from Grandma. It is a set of little circus characters…all which neatly fit into the little tent that you see behind them, of which the doors velcro shut to keep them safe inside…but the bonus is that each character has a little velcro spot so that they can be placed on the felt scenes of the circus storybook that came with it. I just think it is the coolest little toy and I haven’t ever seen anything quite like it. It is very detailed and hardly used which is surprising because she found it at her favorite resale shop.

I numbered the pages in my journal tonight and today’s was #40! I don’t think I have ever completed that many pages in a journal before in my life…not even just the writing journals I kept in high school and college. I am pretty proud of myself that I have come so far…and I feel like I have developed the habit of writing and drawing in my journal daily. Blogging my pages keeps me accountable as I don’t want the few people who check out my journal online to stop reading it because I never post new entries. So in the eight weeks I have been doing this I have accomplished my goal…to get creative juices flowing…Yep, I have tons of new ideas for things to draw and things to do with my art…to develop a habit of journaling and drawing in my sketchbook everyday…yes, I just covered that… So now what? I am taking another session of the illustrated journaling class over the summer…I guess I need to set some new goals…But, I will have to think about it. By the way if you read this, feel free to post comments…the only comments posted so far are from my mom…but it’s just because she is my biggest fan. You know how moms are, right? I’d like to hear from you and feel free to pass my web address along to any artist-type friends who may be interested. Thanks for reading my life.

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