The last day of school

So this is the mess I had to clean up. But I did it. It is cleaned and organized, ready for the fall. But this is only one of my rooms. Today I have to clean the other room…plus we have a retirement breakfast and inservice to go to. I am hoping I can get everything done today so that my vacation can start tomorrow! I was planning to work until Friday but maybe I won’t have to.

So this is the list I was talking about:

Finish the boy’s space room: finish painting stars, planets and rocket.

Scrape the ceiling in the bathroom and paint it.

Finish the downstairs bathroom.

Get a new faucet and install for the sink.

Pull weeds in my yard.

Plant flowers

Put weed killer on grass around swingset, cover with woodchips.

Add mulch around all the plants.

Transplant flowers and plants in the garden to other locations in our yard.

Pull up everything growing in the garden.

Fill with topsoil, plant grass.

Wash my car.

Wash sam’s car.

Have a garage sale.

Go on some adventures with the kids.

Get a tan.

Draw everyday.

Plan for next school year.


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