Summer Vacation – day #1

Today Savannah and I woke up early. We had to be super sneaky so we didn’t wake up the boys. Max woke up but we put him in bed with daddy and he fell back asleep. Our first order of business was to go to my school and turn in the art supply orders for next school year. I had them done, but not typed into the form on the computer. Savannah sat and played with Type to Learn, jr. while I was busy with the orders. It didn’t take long at all and our next stop was at the credit union where we cashed Sam’s paycheck. From there we went to our other credit union where we have our loans and made payments on those.

They had a plate full of cookies sitting on the counter that caught Savannah’s attention and the lady at the desk was kind enough to offer us each one…and they were sooooo good. I decided after that to go and get an oil change. My check engine light had been coming on and I was about 3 weeks past due for another anyway. Not sure if the oil change took care of the problem with the light, but it seems to not come on as much. It’s another thing to add to my list of things to do! Anyway, after that we went to a local art store, where Savannah picked out a pair of kid size scissors because she loves to cut…and always asks me if she can practice. Then we were off to the Toy House – a great toy store that has everything! It was fun trying out some of the toys and we got some ideas of what to get Max for his birthday. Savannah wanted something so I got her a free balloon and a little ring which she has already misplaced. Around 12:00 we headed over to the museum to meet a friend of mine for lunch at the Granary. On the way we spotted a garage sale that we HAD to stop at. Savannah found a couple of dress up items for a quarter a piece that she just had to have. At the Granary we had the best tomato soup and it was a wonderful time visiting with my friend Shelley. After our lunch was over, we drove home and everyone had naps and slept until 6:00 – even Karson! It was awesome. It was a nice first day of vacation and spending it with Savannah made it even better.

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