Hoping to make some money!

No time to draw lately…I spent the whole day getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow…actually today as we will be stapling our signs to telephone poles all around our neighborhood in less than seven hours. It is 1:30 AM and Sam just discovered that our staple gun is out of staples…so he is running to Meijers to buy some. Even though it is a lot of work, it’s been fun…I just hope we make at least $100.00. I will post some drawings tomorrow (Saturday) night…because I will be meeting the other members of my class to draw at the Roxy Cafe tomorrow – (actually today.)

This coming week is our church’s VBS and Cyndi and I are going to be decorating for it…and I will also be a crew leader…just found that out. Sam saw my name on this list, which surprised me, because I never was actually called by anyone. Although they claim that someone did. Whatever, it’s fine. I will be leading a group of 5th graders around. It will be fun.

I also start teaching classes for kids next week at Ella Sharp Museum, so I have to get my lessons together for that, type up a letter to the kids, and figure out what I will be doing with the kids each day exactly. Nothing like waiting till the day before…but that’s my M.O. Why do I have all this stuff to do in one weekend?…maybe I should’ve planned the garage sale for another time.

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