11th anniversary

We planned a last minute trip to celebrate our anniversary. Something which we rarely do (celebrate our anniversary). We left the kids with our awesome babysitter, Jasmin. They did so great and so did she. We never worried about the kids the whole time we were gone. On Thursday we booked a room at a Bed and Breakfast in Grandville. Becauase we booked so late we got the most expensive room at a cheaper price! It had a remote control fireplace and columns around the Jacuzzi with a chandelier above and mirrors from the tub to the ceiling. We have never stayed at a bed and breakfast before. This one was very nice, and the owner was friendly and the food was awesome. We don’t usually do a lot for our anniversary. I can only remember two other anniversaries that were real memorable. So doing something nice like this was special for both of us. We had a great time being together without kids and talking and other things that I will not be writing in this post.

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