After the garage sale, we packed up the mini-burb and headed over to CiCi’s Pizza – the new pizza buffet in town. Good meal for a cheap price. I think it only cost like $14.00 for our whole family. You can’t beat that. When we finished our meal we headed over to Cascades with the high hopes of finding a primo spot to view the fireworks show. I think we must have driven around for at least an hour trying to find a good spot. It was so packed and it was really hard to fit the van in anywhere good. Finally we got up enough courage to jump a curb and drive down a sidewalk 25 feet from the cops who were directing traffic. We pulled up alongside 3 huge pine trees and drove into the best spot in Cascades. We got out, set up our chairs and laid out our blanket. Sam and Savannah headed over to the festivities to pick up some Shake-‘Em-Ups and some toasted almonds for us. We bought the kids glow necklaces which they had a blast with and hung out, playing with the kids until the fireworks started. The funniest thing about this whole adventure was Max, who spent most of the show covered up to his chin with a blanket. He kept saying uh-uh (NO) and shaking his hand and trying to blow out the fireworks because he didn’t like the noise. It was quite entertaining.

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