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Yesterday, I finally got to attend another of my journaling classes. I have not been able to go to one since June 19th due to vacations, holidays and such. Our class met at one of our class member’s home where we visited her paper making studio. We experimented with making paper…embossing, adding glitter and dried flowers. It was so fun! Here are some of the papers that I made. I didn’t get a chance to sketch, unfortunately. After I got home…which was later than usual, I packed up the kids and we drove down the street to Cyndi’s to take back her ladder and borrow a bucket and some sponges to wash the car later. On the way I stopped at a garage sale and they had a whole box of glasses…just like the ones we have that we got from Urban Outfitters several years ago…Plus she had smaller tumblers in the same style and I got six more large glasses and 7 tumblers for $1.00. I was very excited. After eating yogurt and icecream popscicles at Cyndis, we headed over to Lowe’s where I hoped to find a double shepherd’s hook plant hanger and some hanging flower baskets…got the hanger…no more flowers there…I’ll have to go to Walmart later today. I also bought 10 bags of mulch and some new sand for the sand box. It’s supposed to be really nice today, so I hope to get time to lay down the mulch and refill the sandbox later this afternoon. I didn’t have time yesterday, because after we got back from Lowe’s I spent the rest of the evening cleaning out the van…seriously, it took like an hour and a half just to empty it out and vacuum it! I didn’t even get any of the cleaning done at all. When I got that done, I gave the kids baths and put them to bed. Cyndi came over later and Sam finally came home so we could sit around drinking our grape Crushes and discuss our latest business venture…more on that later.

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