Weekend Project

On Thursday night Sam asked me what my plans were for this weekend…Thinking he probably already had an agenda, I asked “why?” He then told me that we would be spending our weekend stuffing 15,000 mini cds into plastic sleeves and packing them in boxes. WHAT? Sam and Jason just finished their job for SAU – a new catalog on mini cd. They designed it and sent it away to a company who prints and burns cds in mass quantities. The company mistakingly shipped all 15,000 of the cds shrink wrapped in packs of 150…instead of each individually packaged in sleeves, as originally stated in the contract. Anyway…they had the company ship all the supplies to package them ourselves (overnight) and they refunded Eureka! Multimedia some of the cost of printing. That means we had to package all the cds and have them ready for delivery Monday morning. It became a family effort, Sam stayed up till 6:00am sleeving cds. He got about half of them done. Savannah learned how to put the cds in the sleeves correctly, Max helped tear the sheets of sleeves apart…Savannah stacked them so they were all going the same way and I packed them in boxes…later in the afternoon Mom and Dad showed up and were ready to help out too. We opened up the table, and all four of us (sometimes Savannah too) had them all done by 5:30pm on Saturday! It was even kind of fun…but I sure wouldn’t want to do it for my job. They also sent us extra sleeves, so now I gotta think of something to make with them. I thought a book would be cool…I made a pocket on the next page. That’s a stamp from my mom behind it and I put a few things from my yard in the pocket.

A warm fire & Jiffy Pop popcorn

Mom & Dad came to visit today. They’re staying the night. We went to Old Country Buffet this evening and then came home and sat around the chiminia and cooked some Jiffy pop over the fire. We had a fun time telling stories and listening to made up jokes by Savannah and Andrew which are totally hilarious and had us doubled over, we were laughing so hard…because they don’t make a bit of sense…example: Why did the popcorn go across the apple road? Because he wanted to eat his home. Well, I guess you had to be there! It WAS funny!

Portrait of me

Artist: Savannah

Media: new markers and green glittery gel pen

Comments: “It’s my mom outside in the sunshine…sorry about the hole.”

My keys

It was 12:10pm…as the last student walked out of my door, I picked up my keys, shut off the lights and headed out after her to go get my lunch. I carried my sketchbook and pen along in hopes of sketching while waiting in the drive thru line. As a pulled up to the order speaker (or whatever that thing is called), I realized that probably wasn’t going to happen since there was only one car ahead of me. So I placed my order and pulled ahead to pay and get my food. I then headed back to school, my eyes scanning the road and parking lots all the way for cops – which has become my practice lately. My right brake light is out and I am hoping I won’t get pulled over and get a ticket before I get a chance to get it fixed. So anyway, I got to school, pulled into my parking spot and turned off the car. I grabbed my drink, bag with my sandwich and fries inside, and oh yeah, my sketchbook and pen…I almost forgot about them. I got out of my car, locked the doors and started to walk away when I suddenly realized that I was missing something…MY KEYS! I secretly hoped, in those few seconds, that I had dropped them on the ground, but a quick glance through the window proved my suspicions were true…I had locked them inside…where they were still in the ignition! I called AAA and they sent a towtruck to unlock my car…and this is why I decided to draw my keys today.

Pavement drawings

Check out Julian Beever’s pavement drawings…is that cool or what? I am intrigued with how he draws images so they look 3-D even though they are just a drawing. I am sure there is some trick to it that I don’t know. But even so, I think it’s pretty awesome. Have fun looking at the images.


I am not really a big fan of tomatoes, but I came across this article in a magazine and thought it would be a good subject for my journal today. If you need a good idea for something to draw, try drawing things in a series, or the same subject from different angles or, like the tomatoes, a variety of one thing. Here are some fellow journalers’ ideas on this subject:

pebbles – September 14

heart doodles – 2nd page

toilets – January 23

Why not try it out? Here are some ideas to get you started.

•All the writing utensils in your desk

•Shoes in your closet


•Leaves you’ve collected

•Cell phones (why not?…we have more than 1!)

•Views from every window in your house

You could even dedicate a page to one subject (I draw cars in front of me in the drive thru), and everytime you come across that subject draw it in your journal and before long you’ll have a whole collection of different drawings of one thing.

Any more ideas?