What a weekend

Sitting with our backs to the sun, I sketched the shadows cast by the sun onto the ground.

Sunday after church we hurried home, and I was off to sketchcrawl as soon as I changed my clothes. I met Mary and Julia downtown.

We drew for a while…but it was like 40 degrees…and after a while we were really feeling it.

So we headed down the street to see if the coffee shop was open. It wasn’t, but Bella Notte, one of Jackson’s more upscale restaurants, was. So we had a bite to eat. I had french toast with cinnamon butter and maple syrup…it was so yummy.

After we finished eating and got warmed up, Mary and Julia had to get home. So I decided that I would go home too. I came home, put the kids in bed and took a nap all cuddled up in my flannel sheets and warm blankets. Aaahh…Sundays and naps – definitely go together!

My sketchcrawl experience was not the drawing marathon it was supposed to be, but it was fun to sit with my friends and draw…just to draw. So I would say it was a good experience. I would like to do the marathon thing someday…but it really doesn’t work out real well being a mom of three little kids. It is not practical for me to take a whole day when I am not working and draw, because I would have to be pretty oblivious to everything else, which you can’t do if you have kids to take care of. Maybe someday, when Sam and I have a whole day together without kids, I could do that sort of thing, because he doesn’t mind watching me draw or waiting for me. He likes to see me drawing. And another thing…SKETCHCRAWL needs to be in the SUMMER!

I spent the weekend painting our dining room. We had big dreams last week of having our dining room and half bathroom redone and finished by thanksgiving…it’s not going to happen. The dining room may be finished. Both projects had unforeseen disasters which caused the entire thing to take twice as long as we anticipated. I do have the walls in the dining room finished…I love the color…it’s kind of the color of manilla envelopes. It looks great with our carpet though, which is the thing I was most worried about. I will post a picture when it is really done. Now I just have to paint the trim. As for the bathroom…well, our sink is on our kitchen counter and the tank of the toilet is still in the kitchen sink, and the walls have only been primed…it is waiting for me to create the faux bricks (with texture paint) that will become the alley walls…Don’t ask. You’ll have to see it to believe it…SO WILL I! We always wanted to do a theme in that little 3.5 x 4.5 foot room…but I never imagined something like what we will be creating…After deciding that our toilet and sink will not fit with the theme, we ordered bullet hole decals to rough them up a little. It should be interesting.

Tonight was my last drawing class. I have enjoyed teaching it. I feel l could’ve done better in some areas though…oh well…I am glad to have had the experience. I sat up a still life…I drew this during class.

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