Illustration Friday: SEARCH

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I started brainstorming a list of things we always seem to be searching for around our house. As I drew this illustration, I started to realize that this problem could easily be eliminated if only all of our things had an assigned place to be AND we always were careful to put things back when we are done using them – which is something none of us are good at!

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Fall leaves

I love the colors of fall, and today, before they are swept away or crushed, I had to take a few minutes to paint some pretty leaves I found around my school.

Yesterday I joined the Art By the Inch challenge…my goal is to create 5,000 square inches of art this month. I already think I may have set my goal too high, because most of the art I do happens to be in my journal…which is rather small. For more information, click on the link to the right. It’s not too late for you to join!


I drew this reflection of myself in a spoon. I apologize for the quality of the scan…our scanner doesn’t work well with pencil drawings. Not only that, but the drawing is not that great because I drew it with a crappy #2 pencil from school. I asked my drawing students to work on a self-portrait and I was hoping to get one done before class tomorrow, but I don’t know if I will have time. So here is a quick attempt, just to say that I did it. I had fun doing it, even though the image of me is distorted. It reminds me of Escher’s self portrait of his reflection in a sphere.