Out and about – nothing accomplished!

Tonight after Sam got home, we took the kids to “opa” (our nick-name for the Greek Coney Island). After we had eaten our dinner we took the kids over to see Santa. Savannah had seen our mall Santa the other day, but she had changed her mind about wanting a barbie and wanted to tell Santa something different now. Max said he wanted a car (?) and Savannah told Santa she would like a toy horse. (I don’t know where that came from…I have never heard her even talk about horses.)

After our little photo session with Santa, we took the kids to get chocolate Santas at Gilberts chocolates. I got a turtle…my favorite. Karson stuck his whole chocolate holly leaf in his mouth at once…and savored every bit of it. He cried when we left the candy store. Their chocolate IS delicious!

We ran to Michael’s for some paint for the airbrush and then we slid into Home Depot right before closing to pick up some chalkboard paint, “brick” paint, and plywood for the broken mirror mosaic for the Alley. We were all ambitious about working on it…but when we got home we got distracted and didn’t get anything done.

While we were in line at Michael’s waiting to checkout, Karson fell asleep sitting in the cart. It was so cute. He was out by the time we got to the car, so at Home Depot Sam & Savannah went to get the paint stuff and I sat in the car and drew Karson while Max watched Teletubbies on our TV.

I did this drawing in my “diaper bag journal”, a 5×5″ journal I made this summer, covered with turquoise corduroy.

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