Alley update

Our Alley Bathroom and some of the cool details so far. Yes those are fake bullet hole decals applied to our sink and toilet. We had to rough them up a bit…they looked too new for the environment we were creating.

Sam created this toilet paper roll holder out of a pipe and fittings and a chain. Pretty ingenious of him, huh? He also attached a tin can to the wall, which holds our chalk supply.

Yes the door and trim around the door are coated in black chalkboard paint.

A Durocher essential decor piece adorns the faux brick walls.

One of those things you have sitting around for years that you don’t really know where it came from or why you have it, or even what ever possessed someone to make it, but it finally found it’s home in our Alley bathroom where it fits perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed it. It’s not done. More to come later!

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