Mission Accomplished

Karson loves Teletubbies. Every time we go downstairs to the playroom, he wants to watch them on the TV. Tonight I took the boys downstairs to play after dinner, and Karson went strait for the TV, pushing every button hoping that one of them would cause his much loved Teletubbies to appear on the screen. He even climbed on top of Max’s grill, stood up reaching for the power button on the TV. He couldn’t quite reach it. I ran over and put our little daredevil back on the floor. He wasn’t giving up though. He switched the tapes a couple of times. I finally tried to turn the TV on for him, but discovered it had been unplugged (probably by him) and once I plugged it in and the Teletubbies tape was rolling, he squealed with delight in unison with the sun child. I am not sure what it is about Teletubbies that kids love so much, but it remains the favorite choice of videos in our house.

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