Busy drawing

Do you want to know why I am busy? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway. I actually just have a lot going on…a lot to remember…I think that I feel more busy (or maybe stressed is a better word) than I really am. I am trying to get one of my school’s Art To Remember orders totaled and then sent out by tomorrow, Matt Faulkner is visiting our school tomorrow…I may make the introduction, even though I originally thought I wouldn’t be able too…I moved my class up 25 minutes so that I could be done in time – but you probably don’t care about those details…sorry…on with the rest…I am supposed to dress up in Western clothes tomorrow (I don’t have any idea what I could even wear)…reading month is a western theme this year…I have to remember to bring a ton of cheese for our taco bar potluck because no one else is signed up to bring cheese…Spring art shows are coming up and I am no where near ready for them!…I was supposed to call a parent about a kid’s behavior in art class on Tuesday and it’s Thursday night!…I had art club after school today, slid my way home in the snow (right past my house) for about an hour and then went out to teach my last class at Ella Sharp Museum…Sam’s birthday is in 9 days…Jasmin’s in 17 days (I think)…I need to pay our loans at the bank…I have to get a website updated…I have 6 loads of laundry to do…I am working on this drawing for a friend…the house is a mess…WHY AM I SITTING AT THE COMPUTER? Gotta go!

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