Guest Blogger: Matt Faulkner

Today Matt Faulkner visited our school. He was so awesome. And so great with the kids…really kept their interest. He even drew a couple of them and they got to take their drawings home. Way cool. They were so excited. It was a real treat to get to talk to him and ask him questions and listen to him talk about the challenges and rewards of getting his illustrations/stories published. I am always inspired when I see a presentation like this where an artist explains how he comes up with the ideas and develops them into the illustrations that we see. It is so interesting to catch a glimpse of the process that we never get to experience. So we were sitting at lunch (remember the taco bar potluck…btw, we had way too much cheese…I guess someone else did bring some) and when Matt had finished I asked him to sign my Journal…and he ended up drawing this picture!!!!! What an honor. I was very excited to have my own personal drawing by Matt Faulkner! The drawing is from his new book that is coming out soon, “The Pirate and the Queen.”

Thanks Matt for coming to our school and inspiring all of us to draw all the time and recognize the great stories that are all around us!


We still haven’t found that alarm clock, but I think the batteries may be dying…I noticed it was like 5:30am the last time it went off and it doesn’t sound as loud now…or maybe I am just getting used to it.

Busy drawing

Do you want to know why I am busy? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway. I actually just have a lot going on…a lot to remember…I think that I feel more busy (or maybe stressed is a better word) than I really am. I am trying to get one of my school’s Art To Remember orders totaled and then sent out by tomorrow, Matt Faulkner is visiting our school tomorrow…I may make the introduction, even though I originally thought I wouldn’t be able too…I moved my class up 25 minutes so that I could be done in time – but you probably don’t care about those details…sorry…on with the rest…I am supposed to dress up in Western clothes tomorrow (I don’t have any idea what I could even wear)…reading month is a western theme this year…I have to remember to bring a ton of cheese for our taco bar potluck because no one else is signed up to bring cheese…Spring art shows are coming up and I am no where near ready for them!…I was supposed to call a parent about a kid’s behavior in art class on Tuesday and it’s Thursday night!…I had art club after school today, slid my way home in the snow (right past my house) for about an hour and then went out to teach my last class at Ella Sharp Museum…Sam’s birthday is in 9 days…Jasmin’s in 17 days (I think)…I need to pay our loans at the bank…I have to get a website updated…I have 6 loads of laundry to do…I am working on this drawing for a friend…the house is a mess…WHY AM I SITTING AT THE COMPUTER? Gotta go!

Our Bed

This weeks Everyday Matters challenge was to draw our bed. So this is my bed. My daughter said…”It’s messy. Mom, you’ve got to start making your bed!” How funny to hear that from her. My mom always taught me to make my bed…but as you can see that was one of those things that I never implemented into my life. Once in a while I get on a kick to keep our room cleaned up and keep the bed made, but it usually just gets messy after a while. At least it isn’t as bad as it used to be. I used to keep everything under my bed when I was a kid. And I am proud to say that I have nothing under there now. Six years ago we decided to give up our mattress on the floor for a new bed. We used our tax return to buy a new bed and mattress. It is one of the best investments we have ever made. Our bed is so comfortable and I love to crawl into it after a long day and curl up under all our covers. In this drawing, I included Sam’s guitar in the corner, our various candles…and I tried to give the effect of the Rope light on the floor at the head of our bed, which gives a soft glow to our ugly flowery wallpaper which is on the agenda to strip down one of these days.

Pajama Party

Friday night I went to the Ladies Night Out “Pajamarama” party at our church. It was a lot of fun, just hanging out in our jammies and having a good time with a bunch of friends. I started this page while I was there and finished it on Saturday morning.

A Cruel Prank

Which one of our friends is responsible for this prank? Or could it be our children? Every morning at 4:23 an alarm clock goes off in our bedroom. It has been this way since Sam went on his cabin weekend with the fellas. Maybe it was one of them! A couple of times we have gotten up to look for it while it is going off, but it’s sound is so piercing that it is hard to pin down exactly where it is coming from, plus we are usually a little disoriented at that time in the morning. Last night Sam got out of bed and crawled around on the floor, in circles, trying to locate the source of our frustration…he looked like a puppy chasing a laser light…it was pretty funny. Most nights I just pull the pillow over my head and wait for the eternal minute until it stops. Who would do such a thing? Disrupting our precious sleep every night! It is cruel…and if we find out who it is that played this prank on us, they will pay! Unless of course it happened to be one of our kids…who didn’t know what they were doing and accidently set an alarm clock for 4:23 am and dropped it in a hidden area of our room…then we would just have to laugh. But you can’t really help but laugh anyway, can you?

One more

We have yet another snow day today! Yeah! I was so excited to wake up this morning and find out that school was cancelled and I get to spend all day with my kids. After I cleaned up the kitchen, I thought I’d do another watercolor of a cup that Sam got me. He recently went away for the weekend with a bunch of guys from college. He had a friend who sells Mary Kay bring us a little package of Mary Kay stuff on Sunday. It was a nice surprise…we (the wives) have never received anything like this on Cabin Weekend before! This cup, along with a package of Gourmet Hot Chocolate was included in the gift. It has silver/gray hearts all over it…and I really like the shape of it. I think I will have some Hot Chocolate later…it’s a good day for it.

EM Challenge #4: Favorite Cup or Mug

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything worth posting in my journal. I’ve been very busy at work and this weekend we had friends visit and I didn’t take time to even pick my journal up. So when I came home today from work, I made it a point to do something in my journal. I drew (painted) this for the EM challenge that I participate in each week. I am not a coffee drinker, but once in a while I will sip a cappuccino. I generally prefer cold drinks though, Cherry Coke is my favorite. Most of the time I am satisfied with a nice cold glass of ice water, with a slice of lemon…if it’s available. My favorite cups are my vintage Fiestaware cups which I have in old cobalt, old gray, old yellow, old chartreuse. I also have cups in Persimmon and Apricot which are contemporary colors…the handles on the cups are a different shape though. I love that Fiestaware comes in so many colors. We have a small collection of mismatched Fiestaware, but I think it’s fun to have such vibrant place settings. When we redo the kitchen I want to accent it with the Fiestaware colors we have.