Flowers, our New Neighbors, and a Treasure

It’s been a while…sorry. No excuse except that I have thoroughly enjoyed my spring break. The weather was awesome! 60’s and 70’s all week and hardly any rain! I can not remember ever having this great of a Spring Break in Michigan. Anyway, so here are some drawings I’ve done.

Our daffodils popped open on Friday…it was great to have our lawn sprinkled with the cheery yellow flowers. Some friends of ours came over and brought us a bulb garden which is what I actually drew these from.

I have mentioned my drawing class in the last entry. I have actually created a blog for my class. My mom has been following the daily drawing challenges I have been posting and yesterday she sent me this drawing that she made.

I think she did a great job…I really get the effect of the bright sunshine with the shadows on the dirt. My mom has always been pretty creative. She was one of my inspirations growing up. I thought it was cool that she could paint. Years ago she took private painting lessons from an artist in our town. I later took private art lessons from the same artist. I am glad she is benefitting from my little lessons and that I can be an inspiration to her now.

The other day, after getting home from shopping with Cyndi (my sis), I walked over and introduced myself to our new neighbors. (I noticed they had moved in on the weekend). They live in the downstairs of the house right across the street from us. They have been outside a lot and have been fixing up and cleaning up their front porch. It actually looks like a living room the way they have it fixed up. The thing that caught my eye was a little plywood door (gate) they rigged up in the doorway of the porch. It has a cut out wooden painted dog attached to it. Apparently Marilyn is quite the crafts person, now that she has retired from bartending at a local tavern on Michigan ave. (I didn’t realize you could retire from bartending)…anyway, Floyd or Lloyd (can’t remember which) said if we want to sell our house, he’d hook us up.

On Saturday we ended up driving around looking for anyplace that sold junk: garage sales, flea markets, junk shops…whatever we could find. We had fun…it was like the good old days before we had kids when we used to spend whole days garage sale-ing (don’t think thats a word – it doesn’t look right when I spell it). We reminisced about the all the treasures we had found back then that have since been sold in garage sales. The 3 legged deer lamp…the lobster trap table…the owl TV lamp. So anyway our treasure for today cost us .89ยข. It is Jeeves the Butler…a toothpick dispenser. When you push him down, he picks up a toothpick for you. It’s very cool. The kind of thing that makes a good conversation piece. He fits perfectly in our home.

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