EM Challenge #9: Organized Chaos (a pile)

Today my sister in law brought me a shoebox filled with these stamps. She got them at an auction for me. They are so cool. But have to be old…some of the images are definitely not recent. Has anyone ever seen these type of stamps? Anyway, catching up on challenges this weekend…I decided to do a pile. Of course, I couldn’t draw one of the many piles we have laying around our house already…I had to create a new one, which is still laying there on the kitchen counter while I am posting this. This is really only about a third of the pile I have…but it’s almost 1:00 a.m. and I am getting tired so I decided to stop…even though the pile looks unfinished (to me). I drew this with a photo pencil (Creative Memories) which worked out real nice…doesn’t smudge. I don’t really know what the pencil is made of but I liked drawing with it. This was a fun drawing to do. Hope you like it too!

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