Unusual Weather

I am a firm believer in recording the out of the ordinary. So I took some time today to do this drawing of a rare site…though not surprising for Michigan weather. It’s still snowing. We were supposed to get more snow than we did, but most of yesterday it just rained so it didn’t accumulate as much as the weather forcasters anticipated. It was definitely weird to see the flowering trees and tulips covered in snow. And I have to admit that I did not brave the elements and draw this “en plein air”…no, I actually drew this from a photograph I took. This is a patch of yellow tulips in my back yard.

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4 Responses to Unusual Weather

  1. Gosh, that’s a lovely drawing. We had a bit of snow around a week ago, but it didn’t stick. But I could see snow on the hills in Wales. Turned quite hot yesterday and it’s sunny so far this morning, but I don’t think it’s set to last, so I’d better get out in the yard while I can! Best wishes from Liverpool

  2. That is simply beautiful. I am curious about your technique – for instance, I compare this drawing to the one of the still life (with the brushes and the birdhouse) and am curious how you got this one to look so smooth and soft and the other one obviously has a lot of great texture in it.

  3. Regarding the comment from anonymous…
    It really all has to do with the medium I am using. This was drawn with a fine point mechanical pencil…the other with the birdhouse was drawn with a pigma micron 05. With ink you can’t get the softness that a pencil can give you. I like to experiment with all different kinds of drawing tools.

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