Mystery Solved!

You may remember a while back when I mentioned this probable prank we thought someone had played on us…Well last night, we are getting into bed, rather late I admit, and the stupid thing goes off. It must be that either the batteries are dying or we have just become so accustomed to the sound of it that we haven’t really noticed it too often over the past month. So anyway, I was already in bed, Sam was just walking over to the bed when it started beeping. I yelled at him to find it, and he’s looking all over, and then opens his underwear drawer…the alarm gets louder…I start to believe there is hope to find it after all…and it shuts off…I think it only stays on for a minute maybe. But he digs around in there and pulls out a keychain stopwatch thing that he picked up when he and the fellas stopped at BW3’s on the way home from their weekend at the cabin. We can’t even figure out how to work it…or how to shut it off, so Sam throws it down the stairs and shuts the bedroom door…and gets into bed. We lay there for a bit, and it goes off again! Laughing, we just turned the music up that was playing on my ipod shuffle and I drift off to sleep with a bit of a smile on my face at having solved that bizarre mystery.

I did this sketch of the ever elusive stopwatch (which has writing on it that I didn’t include because I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it) with my new watercolor crayons…they were fun and worked really well in my moleskine.

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