It is Finished!

Today was such a long day…and I am so sore and tired. We have been dealing with this patch of our property behind our garage since we have moved here. When we bought this house, it was a huge garden, 1225 sq ft to be exact. Who in their right minds would plant that huge of a garden??? Obviously someone who had a lot of time on their hands. We knew when we bought the house that we would not keep the garden. We are not gardeners and we don’t have the time. So the fall after we moved in, my brother in law, Kevin, ripped out everything. The previous owner had bad knees (at least I heard that was the reason) and had dug huge trenches in the garden between the rows. Kevin filled them in with the stuff he tore out and tried to level out the dirt. The following summer, we wanted to get to the project, but the weeds started growing and it was just too much to deal with. So this spring we tore everything out. Some of the weeds were taller than me. We hired some teenage boys to help us out. They were great workers and so much help. My other brother in law also helped us get it tore up, sprayed weed killer and dug up all the bulbs and the bleeding heart bush that was in the garden. Then we got our new fence. And after that, we decided to hire someone to come and level out the ground and plant some grass. We paid him before it was done, BIG MISTAKE. I don’t think we will be hiring his company again. Anyway, I guess we called enough times that they finally brought out a yard of topsoil, hoping we would be satisfied with that. We really weren’t but it was too late, Sam was on his way back from picking up the sod in Stockbridge. He shared the load with a friend and we got a really good price on it. Man, it is so worth it to finally have a lawn back there. It looks so high end! We added 1225 sq ft to our yard. It will be so nice to have that extra space for the kids. We got so dirty though. I will spare you the pictures of me, but Max, now he was a blast to take pictures of.

He was out there the whole time playing in the dirt, throwing it up in the air, dumping it on his head. It was hilarious. He actually was very helpful though. Everytime we found garbage, sticks or rocks, he was all about taking them over to the wheelbarrow. He also loved unrolling the sod rolls for us. When we were finally done, we ate steaks that our neighbor cooked for us on her grill and watermelon. The kids played in our neighbor’s pool until it was time for some much needed baths. And that’s pretty much been our day. Oh yeah, we went to an open house somewhere in there. Anyway, we are so glad to have gotten that huge task accomplished. It has been such a huge weight on us since we moved here and it’s very nice to be done with it.

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