Tuesday Night Drawing Class

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Last night in my drawing class, one of the things I talked about was drawing grids…I have been thinking about them, doing them, and it seemed the logical thing to do since most of them had not drawn at all during our two week break. I had them draw the classroom we were in. They did anywhere from 8 to 16 squares. It was really cool. Next week I am going to take my digital camera so I can take pictures of their drawings. I wish you could see them. It was a good exercise and I think they may have found a way to get some drawing done in a less intimidating way, hopefully. I asked them to pick a theme and do a grid for it, doing one drawing each day, or each opportunity they have time to sit and draw.

I also taught them a lesson on gesture drawing and quick sketching. We practiced by doing several 15 sec. drawings of different objects in the room. Then we went outside and practiced on people. There happened to be a painting demo out on the lawn. We stood behind them and drew them. Only a few noticed. I am trying to get them more comfortable about drawing in public. I can tell they are not too confident in this area, because they didn’t want to spend as much time out there drawing as I had planned to, but that’s ok. It was kind of hot anyway.

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