My First Letterboxing Adventure

Tonight…even though the weather was cold and rainy…we met out at McCourtie Park in Somerset Township for our first ever letterboxing adventure. It was an adventure…and now we are hooked!

This is Mary when she found the first letterbox

This page only shows 5 of them. I did the 6th one on another page, but it’s missing the 7th (because we couldn’t find it) so I will scan it later

My Camera died after 3 pictures and I am bummed, because none of these pictures even show the coolest part of this park…the bridges. It’s ok. We have to go back anyway and find the last letterbox. It was getting dark and the clues were confusing so we had to leave before we found it. There were 7 hidden in this park and the clues were written as a story, so it was a lot of fun…(shoot! I just itched my foot on my leg and I still have my pants on…I stepped in so much poison ivy…yikes)
Anyway, we made a big list of stuff to bring with us next time. So if you ever decide to try one of these fun adventures, you may want to follow the tips on our list!

*make sure you wear pants – there was a lot of poison ivy
*bring baby wipes to clean the stamps
*spray yourself down with some OFF!
*don’t wear sandals – wear shoes that cover your feet…and socks
*Julia brought us a blanket to sit on…that was a great idea
*walkie talkies for when you split up (if you go with friends)
*extra copies of the clues for each person
*more snacks…especially for a long adventure like this one!
*if you have to be to work at 10:00 make sure you leave in enough time to get ready. (Cyndi!)

We had so much fun with this…and we are planning to do it again I am sure. Our challenge for the summer will probably be to put together some letterboxes and plant them around here. We have a lot of ideas of where. There are no letterboxes in Jackson county, so we hope to change that. It should be a fun thing to do in our little group.

If you want to find out more about letterboxing check out the Letterboxing North America website.

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