Drawing in the Cemetery

Tonight, my drawing class met at the Mt. Evergreen Cemetery. I think it was probably the first cemetery in Jackson…not sure though. It has some very old graves…from the 1800’s. It is on the south side of Jackson, only a quick drive from downtown. Fred said that when it was established, there was some controversy because it was so far from downtown. It can’t be that far though…maybe 3 miles…anyway, it is on a high hilly area…with tons of old trees. It’s so beautiful…and because it is higher than the residential areas around it, the noises of the neighborhoods are not as noticible. We could hear so many birds, and it was so beautiful, peaceful and quiet, and although some of the group was not too sure about drawing in a cemetery, we all remarked about what a wonderful place this was to draw. It was so relaxing and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did.

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