The Picture Tells It All

Savannah is very excited about her first visit from the tooth fairy tonight. I couldn’t help but be a bit emotional about the whole thing. I can’t believe she is old enough to start losing her teeth!!!

Tuesday Night Drawing Class

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Last night in my drawing class, one of the things I talked about was drawing grids…I have been thinking about them, doing them, and it seemed the logical thing to do since most of them had not drawn at all during our two week break. I had them draw the classroom we were in. They did anywhere from 8 to 16 squares. It was really cool. Next week I am going to take my digital camera so I can take pictures of their drawings. I wish you could see them. It was a good exercise and I think they may have found a way to get some drawing done in a less intimidating way, hopefully. I asked them to pick a theme and do a grid for it, doing one drawing each day, or each opportunity they have time to sit and draw.

I also taught them a lesson on gesture drawing and quick sketching. We practiced by doing several 15 sec. drawings of different objects in the room. Then we went outside and practiced on people. There happened to be a painting demo out on the lawn. We stood behind them and drew them. Only a few noticed. I am trying to get them more comfortable about drawing in public. I can tell they are not too confident in this area, because they didn’t want to spend as much time out there drawing as I had planned to, but that’s ok. It was kind of hot anyway.

Illustration Friday topic: Digital & EDM Challenge # 17

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My submission for Illustration Friday and an Everyday Matters Challenge: draw a musical instrument. I didn’t really plan that they would end up on the same page, but after I finished the guitar, I decided that the leftover space would be good for my ipod shuffle drawing.

5 Songs I have on my ipod right now…

1. (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear – Bryan Adams
2. Yahweh – U2
3. Angel – Shaggy
4. Hooked On A Feelin – Baha Men
5. Run-Around – Blues Traveler

Do you have an ipod? What are 5 songs on yours?

BTW, I sketched Gabby last week during her art class. It didn’t really go with what I added later because it was the only thing I put on that page that day. (Just in case you are wondering).

It is Finished!

Today was such a long day…and I am so sore and tired. We have been dealing with this patch of our property behind our garage since we have moved here. When we bought this house, it was a huge garden, 1225 sq ft to be exact. Who in their right minds would plant that huge of a garden??? Obviously someone who had a lot of time on their hands. We knew when we bought the house that we would not keep the garden. We are not gardeners and we don’t have the time. So the fall after we moved in, my brother in law, Kevin, ripped out everything. The previous owner had bad knees (at least I heard that was the reason) and had dug huge trenches in the garden between the rows. Kevin filled them in with the stuff he tore out and tried to level out the dirt. The following summer, we wanted to get to the project, but the weeds started growing and it was just too much to deal with. So this spring we tore everything out. Some of the weeds were taller than me. We hired some teenage boys to help us out. They were great workers and so much help. My other brother in law also helped us get it tore up, sprayed weed killer and dug up all the bulbs and the bleeding heart bush that was in the garden. Then we got our new fence. And after that, we decided to hire someone to come and level out the ground and plant some grass. We paid him before it was done, BIG MISTAKE. I don’t think we will be hiring his company again. Anyway, I guess we called enough times that they finally brought out a yard of topsoil, hoping we would be satisfied with that. We really weren’t but it was too late, Sam was on his way back from picking up the sod in Stockbridge. He shared the load with a friend and we got a really good price on it. Man, it is so worth it to finally have a lawn back there. It looks so high end! We added 1225 sq ft to our yard. It will be so nice to have that extra space for the kids. We got so dirty though. I will spare you the pictures of me, but Max, now he was a blast to take pictures of.

He was out there the whole time playing in the dirt, throwing it up in the air, dumping it on his head. It was hilarious. He actually was very helpful though. Everytime we found garbage, sticks or rocks, he was all about taking them over to the wheelbarrow. He also loved unrolling the sod rolls for us. When we were finally done, we ate steaks that our neighbor cooked for us on her grill and watermelon. The kids played in our neighbor’s pool until it was time for some much needed baths. And that’s pretty much been our day. Oh yeah, we went to an open house somewhere in there. Anyway, we are so glad to have gotten that huge task accomplished. It has been such a huge weight on us since we moved here and it’s very nice to be done with it.

Something I’ve been thinking about…

There is this house nearby. Everytime I drive by it, I can’t help but stare. The yard is so interesting to look at…it’s basically a lot of eye candy. It’s cluttered, and totally over decorated…but I love the details, and there is some really interesting things in the front yard that I have never seen before. I would really love to go and draw in that yard. Would that be weird? I mean to go up to someone’s front door and ring the doorbell, and tell the person who answers that I drive by their house all the time and the yard intrigues me…can I spend some time drawing in your front yard? I have never done anything like that before. Is it too off the wall? Do you think I am crazy? I am actually thinking seriously about doing this, getting a babysitter, spending some two or three hour blocks of time drawing in their yard this month. What do you think? I am not sure I am that brave, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you think I should do it? Would you?

Speaking of Grids (again)

An email I received from Linda, the one who did the garden grid. Thought you might like to hear someone else’s perspective.

Hi Julie
Thank you for your comments about my grid. I don’t use the grid as a 30 day exercise. Actually I tried, but I have so little confidence that I rarely put in a day. Then I got the idea to use the grid in a different way. I printed a pile of them out on cardstock. I purchased a ream of it. Then I gave them different subject headings, starting very simply.

I made a grid for 30 blue things.
A grid for 30 red things.
30 yellow things.
30 orange things.
30 purple things.
30 green things.
30 pink things.
30 white things.
30 trees.
30 flowers.
30 faces.
30 teapots.

Someone else could do
30 doorknobs.
30 animals.
30 trucks.
30 insects.
30 hats.
30 whatever you like to draw.
30 whatever you are interested in.

It is so versatile and I don’t feel pressured, and a failure, if I don’t do one every day. I can do 10 in one day if I want to. I can fill the grid if I want to. (I’ve never done that.) On my garden grid I started using watercolors but then switched to Derwent watercolor pencils. I found out its a good idea to be sure the pen you are using is waterproof if you want to use paint over it. The grid is good for beginners like me who have no confidence. If I look at a tree and think “I could never draw that”, I can always tell myself “but I can draw a single leaf on a grid.” Maybe eventually I will be able to put a lot of those little grid sketches together and make a real grownup painting some day. I have decided to put two dates on the bottom of each grid. One for the day I did the first little sketch and the second date for when the grid was filled. That way in the future I will have some kind of time frame. I am attaching my yard and garden grid. You can use it any way you want to. Thanks for asking.


I forgot to mention, I am left handed, so the first sketch I did is on the bottom row on the right, and I worked my way to the left and up. I can’t do anything the “normal” way.

EM Challenge #12: Dinner (Lunch)

Today I got my lunch at Arby’s…I was in the mood for something different than a hamburger. I went to Arby’s and got the Market Fresh Chicken Salad sandwich. It is really good. I had a few minutes so I drew it. It took me about 5-10 minutes to draw it. Later on I went back in with my pen and darkened some the lines to make it pop a little. When I got home, I spent about an hour coloring it with my watercolor crayons and then painting on top of it.


Drawing grids has been a recent topic of discussion on the Everyday Matters Group . So tonight, I had a few minutes while I was waiting for Jasmin to arrive so that we could go see the Star Wars movie and I sketched some stuff laying around. I had already done a small entry at the top of this page, but didn’t want to leave two thirds of the page empty so this small little grid drawing worked out perfect. I added color in Photoshop (same style as my sketchcrawl grid).

Linda M. did a grid of 30 things in her yard. (Unfortunately you can’t see it, unless you are a member of the group, and she doesn’t have a blog that I know of). Typically a drawing grid is a series of small drawings done one per day in little boxes all on one page. It’s a great way to get started drawing, journaling everyday. Especially when filling an entire page feels a little intimidating. I think it was originally Danny Gregory’s idea, but I am not sure. Anyway, I like seeing the variations on it. The yard grid was a great idea, I might have to try that. I need an excuse to get out in my yard and do something anyway. Maybe drawing will motivate me to actually get some yard work accomplished.