Drawing at the Park

Last night my drawing class met at Cascades Park. We drew, most of us concentrating on trees and water…and then we walked up the hill to get some Ice Cream. It must have cooled off like 15 degrees while we were out there. It’s so nice to have some cooler weather for a change.
These drawings are from the park. I was sitting near the edge of the water drawing when a young boy, maybe seven, walked over with a paper grocery bag full of popcorn and started tossing it to the ducks and geese. Before long he was completely surrounded. He talked to the ducks and geese the whole time he was feeding them. It was so funny…the way he was talking to them as if they actually understood him and could reply back. I started writing down some of the things he was saying.
Before long, he realized that he had completely emptied the paper bag and announced “I’m all out” to his congregation. He started to walk away saying “Bye, bye sweet potatoes (obviously a familiar term of endearment)…next time I’ll bring you bread, ok?” I continued drawing, glad the geese were heading back to the water. Later, I noticed he had made his way (with his grandma) across the bridge to the other side of the water where he made “friends” with some kids who had brought bread to feed the ducks. He then climbed onto a large rock near the water and announced in his loudest voice, “All Ducks and Geese! They got bread over here…quack, quack – (yes he actually was quacking!)…Come and Get it! All Ducks and Geese! Listen to me! Tomorrow, I will bring bread for Everyone!”

Most Depressing Thing Today
Received a letter from our mortgage company stating that there is a 2500.00 defecit in our escrow account. Paying this back and paying the amount we need to, increases our Mortgage payments by more than 400.00 a month. How can this happen?

Most Embarassing Thing Today
I called a guy to see about getting our gutters cleaned out, cutting the Wisteria (which is out of control) back and hauling away the many bags of yard waste we’ve accumulated since Winter. As we walked around the house looking at what needed to be done he asks me “why don’t you weed?” as he pulls out some maple tree seedlings growing in our flower bed.

Most Motivating Thing Today
Same. After dinner I filled three bags with weeds.

Most Exhausting Thing Today
Sam left at 5:30 this morning for Colorado. I got up with him. I went back to bed but didn’t get a good night’s sleep because of it.

Wierdest Thing Today
Cyndi (my sister) and I showed up (totally unplanned) at Target at exactly the same time.

Smartest Thing Today
Ending this blog so I can go to sleep…it’s almost 1:00 am!

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