Little Treasures We Found

(You’ll probably want to click on the image to read the journaling) After we finished finding our treasures, we had to hurry up and get ready, because our friends were expecting us for a late lunch and swimming. We were a little later than late and it is probably pretty much my fault, but being good friends of ours, it really wasn’t any big deal to them. We had a wonderful time with the kids, swimming, eating and just hanging out…until the storms came and we all headed inside and Max, Karson, and Isaac all lined up to get haircuts from Aunt Mick. (OK…Isaac wasn’t so willing, but he was easily persuaded by a Superhero popscicle and Micki’s sweet talking). Anyway, we all had a great time hanging out and ended our fun afternoon watching the end of Guns N’ Roses Behind The Music on VH1…?…while the boys were in the basement playing video games and the girls were in Grace’s room making Fourth of July books (so cute!) We missed fireworks this year…we had planned to go tonight, but it rained…and the kids hadn’t had naps…so, well after the kids went to bed, I watched them on TV…definitely not the same!

Mellencamp Concert and Other Stuff

I took my kids to my mom and dad’s for a couple of days this week. We had a wonderful time. Cyndi brought her kids down on Thursday and all of us spent the night there. The kids slept great and it was fun to all be together. I know my mom and dad really enjoyed it.
These are some sketches from my journal from the last few days. Below is a grid I did at the John Mellencamp concert we went to on Saturday night. We had a blast and the most fun watching people!
We had seats on the lawn on a steep hill. It reminded me of when we used to take the youth group kids to Cornerstone and we would sit on the grass and listen to the concert. Anyway, we had a great time, and it was wonderful to get away and do something fun with other adults (Sam’s sister and her husband).