EDM Challenge #32 – Draw something metallic

Sam bought this at either an auction or a garage sale…I am not sure which. I think he intends to sell it on ebay…but it’s not my kind of thing and I personally don’t really care for it. It is a junk sculpture…I can tell the wheels are parts of pipes…the rest of it I am not sure about. The numbers have been etched into the metal with some kind of tool…very rough. I drew it with a very soft pencil…it’s what I had on hand, and I don’t like how it came out on this paper. The drawing looks very fuzzy to me. It was hard to get even tones when I was laying in the values because of the texture of the paper. I added in the rusty areas with my waterbrush and watercolor paint. Don’t you think the figure in the car is kind of scary looking?

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