A Smile for You!

I mentioned that I would try watercolor in my journal and see how it handled on the handmade paper in my journal. Today, I was sitting in my classroom and I noticed this bouquet of flowers sitting on top of the piano. It was obviously Donna’s – the music teacher who shares a classroom with me. She has been sick, and I just wonder if it might be from our staff. Anyway, regardless of who it is from, I am sure it brightened her day as it did mine. Sometimes just seeing a cheery smile can lift my spirits. As far as the watercolor goes…it worked ok. It did bleed through the paper. I actually thought ahead to put a blotter sheet behind the page…only two pages stuck together, they are so thin, so that was pretty useless. The paper is much more absorbent than I am used to with watercolor…it soaked the color right up, while the paper stayed damp so I could blend colors, it was hard to do light washes…the paint wouldn’t flow. But I didn’t mind so much, I liked the bright colors. I also left a few flowers out because I ran out of time…the arrangement was much more full than I painted it.

EDM Challenge #27 – Draw a book

Last weekend we loaded up the kids, snacks, the wagon & stroller and headed about 40 minutes away to Thurston’s Flea Market. There were a ton of vendors there since it was Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t terribly excited about going, especially after the last time & having a bad experience with tired kids. But I decided to have a good attitude & go along, because Sam and the kids really wanted to. I am glad I did because we really had a nice time together. Not to mention the fact that we found some really neat things. Max got a Hulk lunchbox and a Spiderman “watch” that projects the image of a spider web in red light on the wall. It was a quarter! Savannah bought some cute sunglasses and a stuffed puppy with her dollar. She took the puppy to school for show and tell today, making sure to tell everyone that she got it at the flea market for a quarter. Her puppy’s name is Zoe. Karson got a book…I think that is all…he just liked riding along. Sam found a great game for the kids for 4.00 that they absolutely love. He bought a record player. (I don’t think we have any records though…so I don’t know if he’ll ever use it…but I think he just bought it for its nostalgic value). We got some cool glasses from the 50’s with carousel animals on them…I will have to draw them sometime because they are really cool. I found these three books. This guy was selling them three for a dollar. The Italy one is actually a recipe book…but on each page, the recipe takes up about 1/3 of the page and above it is a photo of a place in Italy – usually somewhere that relates to the recipe. They are black & white photos. Many of them of places I visited when I went to Italy about 12 years ago. I mentioned before about wanting to redo my journal & make an illustrated journal of my trip to Europe…and this is so perfect. I will have to alter it a bit, but it is in great condition…and will be perfect for that. I am most excited about this project! But I also found the agriculture book of insects. I am hosting an ATC swap of Creepy Crawlies and this is such a great find that I am going to make everyone a Title card for the swap with the great ink illustrations of insects this book is filled with! I have already started to cut it up! The Nature Wonders book I thought would make a good altered book journal, which I have never actually made, but it has a lot of beautiful pictures in it. So there is my flea market treasure. The paper in my new journal is kind of brownish and is handmade in Nepal…just in case anyone is curious why the background looks different in my drawings. Also this drawing is drawn with a Sepia Micron 05 pen and Prismacolor pencils.

EDM Challenge #28 – Draw an appliance

Hi again! I have people e-mailing me asking if I am ok…chances are you are wondering what has happened to me too…if you are a regular visitor. I am an elementary art teacher…and school started last week and that is pretty much the main reason why I haven’t posted since a week ago last Friday! I have been slightly overwhelmed and exhausted as well…trying to get back into the swing of things, trying to figure out new morning routines (with Savannah going to school everyday) and trying to stay ahead of everything…which I don’t think I am doing very well. But tonight as I was doing my laundry, I was noticing things I always am overlooking and I started thinking that my laundry room (in it’s sad state) is actually really interesting. Pipes on the walls, cracks in the floors, drains, clothes, rugs, rust, detergent bottles, and so many other things…some which really should be cleaned up, but I just drew it like it is…that’s the reality. Someday I would love to have a really beautiful laundry room with clean floors, walls that don’t have paint peeling off, and NO cobwebs! But for now, I will just appreciate that I *have* a laundry room with working appliances and space and that it makes a rather interesting subject for a drawing. I really wanted to draw more of the room…but I will save that for another day. I must say, I haven’t drawn for several days and taking 45 minutes to sit and draw uninterrupted was like heaven for me. I so enjoyed drawing tonight. I have to remember how much fun it is…because the last few days, in the evening, I have been so worn out that I just veg out in front of the tv for a couple of hours in the evening until I fall asleep. How I spent my night tonight made me feel so much better about myself and my life. I am so thankful I can draw.