Blind Contour Friday…The Bubble Gum Machine

Sorry this post is running a little late. I am expecting Sam home anytime, so I have been running around getting the house so it looks good, and so he has a place to put all his stuff.
This is the bubble gum machine that sits on the counter in the kitchen, and is an endless source of temptation for our kids. I don’t really know why we let it sit out, but we do, and sometimes it’s a good bribe, you know, to get the kids to clean up or something. But they really love it. And it helps keep the pennies of the floor.

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EDM Challenge #33 – Draw your eyes

Making use of some time while I was waiting for Savannah at her soccer practice. The boys, strapped into their carseats for an hour watching Alladin with only an occasional squeal of “Out!” from Karson did little to distract me from completing one more challenge! I know my eyes look huge, but the way I was looking, (up) this is exactly how they look. Maybe I really do have huge eyes, maybe that one girl in highschool who used to call me froggy and bug eyes was just stating the obvious.

Something New

Tonight I tried making an Art Doll. I have never really heard of them until recently. Kind of in the whole altered art craze I guess. I signed up for a ATC swap with Art Dolls as the theme. I have to admit it was pretty challenging creating one that fits on an ATC format…and as you can see, this one only fits if it’s folded up. The face and hands are my daughter’s, when she was two. I like it…it’s different. What do you think?

EDM Challenge #34 – Draw a Leaf

An ATC I made tonight for my friend, Dede. From Max’s collection of things he found on the ground, which is temporarily contained in a pink Barbie sand bucket…soon to be represented in it’s entirety on paper – for challenge 33 (? I think.)