EDM Challenge #49 – Draw Your Refrigerator

Sam volunteered to take all three of the kids along with him when he ran up to the mall this evening to pick up his glasses. I was so excited. I had started this drawing while the kids were eating their dinner of chicken nuggets, applesauce and frozen peas (still frozen – they don’t like them cooked). So I was really glad to have the opportunity to finish it up after they all left, in peace and quiet! That almost never happens. In fact, I can’t remember the last time Sam took all three of them somewhere and I got to be home alone.
Anyway, I finally got to a page of watercolor paper in my new journal (I bound it with drawing paper and watercolor paper), so I was enjoying my drawing, and enjoying capturing the moment. I was thinking that this drawing was really cool, because it will be neat to go back and look at how my refrigerator looked at this moment in time. It so reflects our life right now. Some of the details that you may not notice are listed below, because I think it is interesting, and thought you might like to know them. In my journal, I may go back and do some writing and labeling on top of the sketch.
Starting on the freezer section, Left side…
Hanging in the clip is a dental appointment reminder on top of a postcard reminding me of another appointment.
Beneath that paper is my summons for Jury Duty at the end of the month along with the Juror’s parking permit & a map of where to park.
There are several miscellaneous magnets and photos of our friends and the kids.
The remote for my new under the cupboard mounted cd player which Sam gave me for Christmas.
In the little “My Little Artist” clip is Savannah’s certificate and award for when she was the Warner Star a couple of weeks ago…the coupon is for a free ice cream at Meijer. Clipped to the Western School District calendar is an invitation to Sam’s cousin’s wedding this weekend.
On the lower part of the refrigerator, you can see the Fridge Phonics, which have been carefully arranged by Karson, who plays with it the most. I did not draw every letter, but in real life, they are all there.
I also did not draw all the little animal magnets that are stuck there. I just drew the zebra.
Above the zebra is a drawing that Savannah made for Karson. It is a choo-choo going through a tunnel (which happens to be Karson’s favorite episode of Rubba-dubbers) and a monkey (Karson’s favorite animal) hanging out in a tree. The big face in the sky is Tub from Rubba-dubbers. I think she got a pretty good likeness!
Next to the drawing is a little magnet for poison control and above the drawing is a Degas’ dancer magnet, the only souvenir I bought when I saw the Degas exhibit in Detroit (last year?)
Oh and I should mention that although we have a “convenience center” in the door of our fridge, it had to be disabled the first day we moved into this house, because Max (just a little over a year) was having way to much fun with it!
Someday soon we are going to need a new refrigerator, but we are putting it off because this one is really old…and we are thinking that we probably are going to have a hard time finding one the exact same size to fit in the space and that we might have to redo the cupboards above it because of that. Anyway, I had fun with this challenge. I’ll add some links to others as I see them posted. I’d really like to try the inside of my refrigerator, too. But that will have to wait for another day.

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