Mary Engelbreit ATC

Today is President’s Day and that means a vacation day for me! So I am spending the day cleaning, catching up with the laundry, playing with my kids (who are turning out to be great helpers – especially Max) and hopefully working on some creative things too. My projects right now are designing a poster for my sister in law’s plays she is producing, making some Mary Engelbreit ATCs and altering a pair of jeans for Savannah. This is my first M.E. ATC. I took it from one of the craft projects posted on her site. Of course the project wasn’t for an ATC, it was for a pillow…but it’s the same pattern and stuff. So what do you think? It is felt. I made a few mistakes that hopefully won’t be too obvious. I am planning to do a couple of cherry ones and maybe a few more like this. I only have to make four, but my mom wants to trade one and I want to keep one, so I guess I will be making at least 6. It took a couple of hours, but it was fun…and it’s not due till the end of March so I have time.

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