A Beautiful Day

The weather today was sunny and warm, about 60 degrees. It was awesome. So many people were outside. I didn’t get out too much, but had a really relaxing day. This morning I half cleaned my laundry room…half, because I spent 2 hours on it and that was just with sorting laundry and picking stuff up off the floor! So I have to still clean (dust, vacuum) and get stuff off the counter…but it looks so much better! My mom and sister & her kids came over for lunch and then the us girls went to Michaels where they were having some lame demos on scrapbooking stuff. I bought a few things, 5 items and a bunch of paper and only spent 12.00! So I felt great about that. This evening we went over to Micki’s birthday party and had a great time and laughed a lot. But the highlight of my day was getting the mail. I had two packages arrive for a swap I am hosting on ATC_World and it’s always fun to see what’s in those, but the best thing was this note from Jodie, the 4th grader I am doing drawing lessons with. I had sent her a cool little horse paper clip I found (she’s crazy about horses) ealier this week. So today I open up this little note that was so sweet. She drew this little girl on the inside and then wrote this on the back. I had to laugh because I don’t think I will ever really be famous, but I loved reading that she wants to keep the note I wrote her forever because she thinks I will be. Jodie, you’re the best! Thanks! I am going to keep my note forever…because maybe you’ll be a famous artist someday too!!!

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