Blind Contour ATCs

A new friend suggested I do blind contours on ATCs…I was up for the challenge, but didn’t realize how big of a challenge it would be until I sat down to work on them. How in the heck do I do a drawing that small if I can’t look at the paper while I am drawing? I was sure I would go off the edges and totally mess up. So I decided to just try doing several small blind contour drawings all over a large sheet of paper…trying to work smaller, but not being worried about the edges or format of the paper. I then decided later how I would cut them out and make them fit within those tiny boundaries…and I think they turned out ok. I did eleven in this series. The first two are totally different than the rest. As I worked, I came up with a simpler look that I liked better. The one good thing about these drawings is that they are fairly quick to do. And since they are so quick, I may do a few more.

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