Florence Architecture ATC

It’s been a crazy week…ok, almost 2 weeks. Sorry. The kids (all 3) have been sick with the flu…Sam, too. It has worn me out taking care of everyone and waking up at night with the kids. It seems like everyone is getting the flu. At school there are several teachers sick and today we had 64 kids absent!!!! That’s crazy. I am glad I am feeling ok. I am just praying that I don’t get sick over Spring Break. Tonight, I was sitting here killing time and waiting for the laundry to finish so I can do one more load before bed, with nothing to do (ok, actually a ton of things to do, that I don’t want to) so I drew this capital detail of the Church of San Spirito in Florence, Italy. I was thinking of working in my altered journal of my trip to Italy, and then just decided to do this small drawing…’cause I owe someone an ATC for a trade. It was very relaxing to draw it. I spent at least an hour on it, maybe more…I don’t know because I lost track of time. I haven’t done a lot of drawing lately and I miss it. Tonight I did 3 pages in my journal, too. but most of that was writing about stuff…so I won’t post them. Tomorrow we have early dismissal and I am planning to do a bit of shopping before I come home. I am kind of looking forward to that, and kind of not. I like shopping…but I have to buy some new bras. (sorry guys, I know you probably didn’t want to know that) I hate buying them!!!

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