Blind Contour First Friday May – Breakfast Time

Every weekday morning I wake up before everyone else and get my shower and get ready for work. At about 7:15 I wake up Sam and Savannah. I usually have to do her hair but it’s nice that she is becoming more independent because she mostly gets ready by herself. On most mornings the boys wake up soon after and once Savannah and I are ready we head downstairs. Every morning I get the kids their breakfast before I leave. Breakfast is usually just cereal around here. Once in a while we have eggs or french toast sticks or oatmeal…but on most days, especially school days, breakfast is usually Life or Rice Crispies. My kids love to eat while they watch TV so I bought trays for them so they could eat their breakfast in the living room…but it’s not something we do everyday, so when I do let them, they get really excited about it. Saturdays are more laid back…and I like to make pancakes or malt-o-meal or something instead of cereal. I usually don’t have time to eat breakfast before I leave because of the demands of my kids…I have to tie shoes, find library books, change diapers…that kind of thing. I probably eat more cereal at night (for a snack) then I do for breakfast. I sometimes pick up breakfast in the drive thru…although I am trying to break that habit. My favorite breakfast of all time is French Toast with real butter, Syrup and powdered sugar. But I hardly ever make it…I usually get it when we go out to eat at a restaurant that serves it like Cracker Barrel. My favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch…and I really like granola cereals. I would have to say that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

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