I’m a Treasure!

Today was another crazy day. Right now I am putting off framing and labeling the rest of the artwork for the second show that I have to hang tomorrow afternoon. I love this show though. I get a nice big room with great walls where I can hang artwork from floor to ceiling. It looks amazing when it’s all up…although a bit overwhelming for the judges who come to visit to award a ribbon to their favorite artist. Tonight after work I did something I have never tried before. I got my hair highlighted. It looks so different. Cute, and a little lighter than I thought, but I still like it. When I came home the kids said my hair was gold. They said I looked like a treasure (how cute!). Then Max wished me “Happy Father’s Day” (yeah, he get’s a little mixed up with this one) and they showed me the 3 adorable garden statues that they bought for me for mother’s day. One is supposed to be Savannah with a kitty, Karson has a dog, and Max is pulling a wagon (no animals – he informed me – because he is alergic). They are the best, and when I came home they were sitting in our little flower bed surrounded by pink tulips. Sam spent the day with the kids. They went on a special adventure today. They got to ride on a “Miracle Round” and ate chinese and went to the Disney Store. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I will post a drawing (I just started it) of the statues later…and maybe my new hair do…maybe, we’ll see.

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