Inspiration in the Dark

81 degrees here in Michigan today! This evening was perfect. After my drawing class concluded, I took my things out to my car and was captured by the light of the moon. I grabbed my sketchbook, watercolors and my waterbrush and found a spot to stand and paint the amazing sight. You probably think this sounds corny…but I was really inspired by the moon and the way the clouds swirled around it like steam rising from a hot drink. I have never tried to paint the moon, so I thought that was reason enough to try it out tonight. I primarily used some version of blue…not sure what it is anymore, it’s been a while since I first received my travel watercolors…and some payne’s gray I am guessing. As I was painting, a guy named Jim (at least I think that was his name) approached me and said, “I see it inspired you too.” He had apparantly been observing the moon for the past several minutes, since he couldn’t hear the watercolor artist who was demonstrating at the Jackson Civic Artists Association meeting. He said he watched the moon a while and then he started to picture it over a field and began planning a future painting that he wants to attempt this week. He paints in oils. He wanted to know what I do, I said I am a teacher, and a mom and I mostly just draw in my journal because I do not have the time to execute larger works of art, but that answer didn’t really seem to satisfy him. He offered some encouraging words and then I showed him some of my journal and he mentioned that he needs to get back to drawing and sketching, like he used to. Anyway, it was a very relaxing five or so minutes, and as I was painting (before Jim started talking to me) I loved every minute of it and all I wanted to do was paint the moon for the rest of the night. But, I had to get home to crying children who were having issues with suckers and chicken. I tucked them into bed without a story tonight because I taught my third graders today and just about lost my voice. I came downstairs, poured a drink and scanned my drawing no sooner than I heard a loud clap of thunder that woke my almost sleeping children…who were now screaming at the top of their lungs. It’s been a long day for me. I have a cold/sinus thing going on and it’s wearing me out, so I am going to bed as soon as I publish this and change over the laundry and clean up the kitchen and pick up the toys and…anyway, I hope you had the chance to enjoy the beautiful moon tonight, too.

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