In the Midst of Decorating for the Holidays

Yesterday we were blessed with an extra day of school. We had a bad storm go through Michigan on Thursday night and it knocked down some trees which in turn made a lot of people lose their power…including our schools. So I stayed home with the kids. My sister and her kids came over and she helped with decorating our house (hers was already done – mostly) and I took a few pictures of Ava. This one is my favorite.We made her really mad after that though, because we were trying to take pictures of just her hand and just her foot…and she did not like that at all! So Cyndi finally got her quieted down and back to sleep and then we worked on the tree. My tree is up, only half the lights on it though. We ran out of time and lights. I have them now, but still haven’t put them on. Today I put up some outdoors decorations. Savannah and I did some pointsetta floral arrangements with some odds and ends of christmas looking fake flowers in some little urns I got on clearance a while ago. We set them on our front steps. I saw this the other day and have been wanting to try it. I also saw the same kind of thing in Country Home magazine. I looked at the patterns they provided, but then I just made up my own. I wanted to do the Christmas cards, but I didn’t have any because last year I threw them all out be cause I had so many and never had done anything with them! Ha. Isn’t that the way it goes. As soon as you decide to de-clutter and get rid of stuff you think off all kinds of things you could do with the things you threw away! I ended up going up to Family Dollar and buying two boxes for a dollar each. Kind of defeats the whole recycling thing, but anyway…here are mine. I only got three done tonight. Savannah and Caroline (my niece) decorated the stained glass windows on the church for me. They look really cool with lights inside them. I plan to make a few more and set them on my buffet…but I don’t know how I will light them, because there is no outlet there. ( I had to run an extension cord to take the picture)

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