A Family Christmas Tradition

This drawing I did in my journal tonight is of Savannah’s gingerbread house that she made at church last week. It is made with graham crackers instead of Gingerbread, but it’s still so cute. Very colorful. I was going to paint it, but it took too long to draw, so maybe another time. Oh, and the Santa is a chocolate Santa wrapped in foil printed to look like a Santa.

Tonight we had planned to do our annual ornament shopping and take the kids to see santa and the Christmas light display at the fairgrounds. We started our evening at Applebee’s…and that is where it also ended. The boys wouldn’t eat, had bad attitudes and were being naughty…so we came home, disciplined them and they went to bed. Savannah was great, though, and we felt bad that she was missing out on the fun we had planned just because of the boys…so after they went to bed, her and I went back out and we bought ornaments for everyone. It was fun picking them out. Usually they get to pick their ornament each year. I write the date and their name or initials on it. When they move out, they will have at least 18 ornaments to take along with them…and a lot of fun memories. When we get the ornaments out each year, we talk about them and tell our favorites. Last year I thought of the idea of making an album of our Christmas ornaments. I actually took pictures of most of our ornaments…but I never did anything with them yet. I still think it is a great idea and something I would love to try. I also think it would be a great conversation piece for holiday guests. My idea is one ornament per page. Write who it belongs to, when it was purchased, made or received as a gift, and any special story behind it. If I bound it with rings, I could take the kids pages out eventually and give them to them one day, so they could do the same thing. Have you ever done anything with recording stuff about your ornaments? What kind of holiday traditions do you share with your families?

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