Thanksgiving 2007

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was. We had our family over to our home. Sam’s two sisters and their families, His mom and my mom and dad. We cooked the turkeys, two – so we’d have lots of leftovers, and provided desserts. We assigned everyone else dishes to be responsible for and ended up with a delicious variety of snacks and sides! It was very laid back and enjoyable…the whole day. The kids played together so well, we almost forgot they were here. That’s a nice change! Other years, it hasn’t been like that at all.

I had been wanting to do a thankful tree. When I realized Sam wasn’t planning on eating until like 2:00, I went outside in the snow and cut off part of our Lilac Bush to be the tree. I quick made some leaves out of my scrapbooking paper and brought them out so everyone could write their thankful thoughts on a leaf and add it to the branches. I think most everyone participated. It was fun to see what the kids wrote or drew pictures of on their leaves.

It wasn’t too long before we gathered everyone around for a prayer and started eating. We all ate too much! My favorite was the turkey (it was so good) and the sweet potato casserole my sis-in-law made. It must have been really bad for us, because it tasted so good! When Max was finished with his dinner, he grabbed his Cars magna doodle and drew everyone eating Thanksgiving dinner…around a table with turkey, corn and some other dish I can’t remember. It was so cute!

After dinner, we cleaned up and Sam and his sisters sat down with their newspapers and ads and made their lists for Black Friday. It’s a tradition, now, that they all go shopping on Black Friday. Sam ended up leaving around 3:30 AM to go get Sherry and Shelly! They were done around noon and then spent the rest of the day together, saw a movie and ate dinner out.

I hung out with the kids yesterday all day. Karson has been really sick and so I took him into the dr. I can’t wait till he feels better because he is so crusty right now. It’s driving me nuts, but at the same time, I know he feels terrible, so I have to feel bad for him. Anyway, he has to be on breathing treatments and antibiotic…hopefully he will shake it off soon. After the dr. we ran a few errands and then I went Michael’s with the kids. I had a gift card from my birthday and wanted to get Jasmin a Christmas Stocking. We found a stocking, although it is Burgundy instead of the pink I was looking for, and we checked out the Christmas Village which was on sale.

We set up the village on our poker table and every year we add something to it. Last year we added the merry go round and the tree house. This year, we found a popcorn wagon! We also bought a deer eating a snowman’s nose. Max picked it out. I let the kids play with them. It’s one of their favorite things about the Christmas decorations we put up. Sure they get broken, but the little people are so inexpensive – and I usually only buy them on sale anyway – that they are easily replaced. They don’t really play with the buildings, they are just more of a backdrop. By the time we had it all set up, Sam came home, and they were so excited to show him. Then we all sat down and had hot chocolate by the fireplace before it was time to put the kids to bed. But not before trying out Sam’s favorite purchase of the day…a giant universal remote for 5.00 that is just about as big as baby Jasmin!

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