Christmas Card 2007

Merry Christmas from the Durochers

Inspired by my previous drawing and an idea I found in Family Fun magazine for Christmas cards, here is our Christmas Card for this year. (I will also be sending a Christmas family newsletter along with it).

See if you can find all these items in the picture above:

Savannah’s soccer medal
a tiny soccer ball
a golden cross
a pirate coin
two of Karson’s army guys
baby Jasmin’s binky
an octopus
a domino
a tiny car
Max’s green frog
an old key
a blue dinosaur
a waffle house pin
an octopus show pin
a carnival ticket
two valentine heart candies
a Shiny Bright ornament
a tiny treasure chest
a picture of Sam
a Benny’s Bike Rally pin
a glittery pinecone ornament

thanks to the kids for letting me borrow all this tiny stuff for our photo shoot!

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