My Obsessive Child

OK, I know, I really shouldn’t be sitting at the computer while the boys and the baby are taking naps. I really should be trying to finish putting the lights on my Christmas tree…which has pretty much consumed my day. I did get some grocery shopping accomplished earlier. We all woke up early (which was not my choice for a Saturday morning – trust me) so I took Karson and Jasmin to the grocery store with me, while Sam and the other two were out passing out fliers around town to promote our church’s christmas play that is being performed next weekend.
You know what really perplexes me…how does my child (it’s Karson I am talking about)have such a obsession for neatness and organization…when I have not even a hint of organizational qualities in me? Don’t you think that normally some of the character traits one develops come from the parents?
Karson just cracks me up with his obsessive behaviors. For example today we were walking by the yogurt in Wal-mart (walking by, not stopping) and he stops and noticed that a container of Yoplait yogurt is in the wrong place…He gets my attention and points it out to me. At first, I was like, who cares? But then seeing that it was important to him that that one container should be stacked with the other containers that matched it, I picked it up and placed it in its rightful place and we moved on and he was happy.
And…the other day, Karson was playing with our Playmobil Advent set (which, by the way, we are not using the boxes for or using it as an advent calendar, because it is really fun to play with – according to Karson), and I noticed that he was spending a lot of time playing with it, and talking to himself while he was playing. He was saying things like, “ok, the star ornament goes on this side and the moon goes on the other side.” Curious about what he was obsessing about this time, I looked to notice that he had laid out on the floor in front of him, the instruction book with the picture of the play set on the front and was carefully placing each tiny piece in the exact positions as it showed in the picture. He spent well over an hour trying to get it exactly right!
I laugh about this now – because it’s just cute for a four year old, but in the back of my mind, I really hope it doesn’t turn into something unhealthy when he grows up.

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