The Cookie Party

Saturday we hosted our annual cookie party. We have Sam’s sisters & their families and their aunts and cousins and their kids over and we spend the whole day making cookies and fudge. We had 20 people come. This is the third year we have hosted the cookie party, and it gets bigger every year. We divided all the baked goods up between 10 families and we still each had 2 boxes full of cookies for each of us. We had at least 2 recipes going at a time in the kitchen…which got just a tad bit crowded with all the stuff everyone brought. This year we had the added entertainment of ROSCO the clown. Aunt Suzy won him this summer somehow and decided to have him come to the Cookie Party. It was a blast. He is a really funny clown. We know him from the fairs we go to…we see him every once in a while. The kids loved him and laughed so hard. I think he was here about an hour.
Here are a few pictures from the event.

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