Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone. Today will be a day of relaxing and lounging around. The kids are so excited about the great snowman making snow we got overnight. I actually went out around 11:00 pm and made them each a snowball to eat. They loved that!
Sam and I spent most of yesterday at the hospital. That was not too fun. I had my Tubal done yesterday and today I am sore and tired. My throat hurts from the tube they had to stick down my throat, my neck is sore, and its painful around my belly button. It’s uncomfortable to lay down in some positions and to hold Jazzy up against my belly to nurse her. I expect it will start to feel better within a day or so though. I am so glad I do not have to go back to work until next Monday. I know other teachers that start back tomorrow!
We spent the weekend with my parents in South Bend and had a great time. We took our Wii and we spent a lot of time playing it. My mom and dad really enjoyed learning how to play. We have the Wii Sports that comes with the system, but we also have Carnival Games and some Target shooting game. I love the Carnival Games because there are so many different choices of games to play. Last night Sam and I stopped at Family Video on the way home to rent some DVDs and we also picked up Cooking Mama to try out. We had heard some good things about it. It’s kind of cute, but a little difficult for the kids so I don’t think we would end up buying it.
Jasmin has started smiling. I mean, you can interact with her and get her to smile…unlike the involuntary smiling that you see in an infant. She also started to stick her tongue in and out when she is happy. She looks a like a little lizard when she does this and her brothers and sister find it quite entertaining.
I took this picture of Karson this weekend at my mom and dad’s. I’m trying to be a little more creative in my shots. Anyway, he spent most of his time playing with the toy Fisher Price castle or his gun that he got from Jasmin (our nanny) for Christmas.
The kids also got the V-Tech Cameras from Sam’s dad. They love them. These are definitely cool! The kids can make movies, record their voice onto a photo, play games and edit pictures on their cameras. They played with them in the car all the way to South Bend and back. It’s great for them. And even though we are teaching them that we have to take special care of electronics, if they do something careless with it, like knock it off the table, it doesn’t hurt the camera.

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