Max’s drawings

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. It’s about Max. Max is 5 and my second born. I knew from the time he was a little guy that he had a very creative mind. One of the things that has always been difficult for me with Max is his anger. He gets extremely angry sometimes and just makes the awfullest faces…along with the fists, arms down at his sides and of course the stomping. Apparently, he feels that those actions do not express his anger good enough, though…so over the past few months, he has started drawing his feelings. We will have an incident and he gets mad, stomps off in his usual way, and then minutes later returns with a drawing. Here are a few examples…This picture was drawn after I took a marker away from him. I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but I think I had asked him repeatedly to stop drawing and do something…he wouldn’t…chose to ignore me, and I took the marker out of his hand. The second drawing was from last night. It was close to bed time and he wanted me to slice up an apple for him. We were not having bedtime snack last night, because we had a late dinner. I didn’t really tell him no right away, just kind of put him off…which was probably frustrating to him, because then when I told him no, he totally lost it. And this time he drew two drawings for us. The one is a picture of himself…with apple slices on his mind…and the second (the hearts) is “how much he loves me and I love him”. That almost made me cry. He didn’t get the apples…but instead had them for breakfast this morning. He went to bed with a hug and a kiss from me…because even though his anger frustrates me, I still love him to death! And I love this little stage that he is in where he is drawing his feelings. I have never heard of kids doing this before. It’s so cute!

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